Our Story


We are a startup shop formed by a family of driven people with a passion for the craft, palates for quality, and love for community. We have worked to create an experience for our guests where every detail is thoughtfully and intentionally considered. Our attention is focused on more than just brewing a beautiful cup of coffee with the perfect medley of aroma, flavor, and consistency. We understand and respect the farmers’ hard work of bringing the coffee seed to the roaster, who then carefully and diligently brought some of the freshest green coffee you can find to its wonderfully roasted state. This is why you’ll find that we serve a simple menu. We want to serve coffee in some of its purest forms, while selecting the right vessels for specific brews, and engaging with our guests as instant family and friends. We seek to be partners and pioneers in the evolving Seattle specialty coffee scene while making the best impact we can on the people that we meet along the way.

At this time, we have one type of coffee comprised of several Colombian varietals - Santo Blend. This well-balanced, versatile coffee yields bright flavors of red fruits, sugar cane, blueberry, and caramel. The coffee in this blend was carefully sourced to ensure a well-rounded, beautiful cup while utilizing a direct trade model. The families and farms from which these coffees originate are always paid well above market price, allowing us to do our part in enriching and improving the lives of those who work the fields.

To taste this one of a kind coffee, you can order online or enjoy at our shop in Roosevelt, Seattle!

Santo Coffee Co was founded by two couples who formed a connection through the beautiful world of coffee. Through what they consider divine appointment, they met and found their visions aligned.

Fredy and Alexis Montero met in Seattle, WA when Fredy was playing for the Seattle Sounders. Despite Fredy’s soccer career taking their family all over the world, he and Alexis have always felt strong ties to the Seattle region. They are so excited to fulfill their dream of opening a Colombian-inspired specialty coffee shop in Seattle.

Mikhail and Jessica Ghyvoronsky have been actively involved in the Seattle community for years. Mikhail fell in love with the craft of coffee and worked to hone his understanding and skills over time without any formal training. He and Jessica’s passions for chasing vibes and creating beautiful moments over coffee are at the heart of why they love Santo Coffee Co.

From the team we have with us behind bar to the exquisite coffee we serve in every cup, the Santo team is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for every person who walks through our doors. We hope to meet you soon!